Communication & Marketing
Science to marketing and beyond

Marketers build great brands and advertisers tell great stories but when you have a story to tell about science, nutrition or health you need to get your facts straight, plus use a language people will actually understand. Great communication is a powerful tool and essential for cut through in today's content saturated world. We can help with on pack messages, marketing campaigns, resources, and tailored approaches to those who will take your message to consumers for you.


Labels, claims and advertising

It is one thing to tick all the regulatory boxes, it is another to have a message your consumers or clients will love. Too often organisations fail to do both, and it costs. We will work with you to get it right the first time. Have labels and claims that meet standards, and ensure your resources or advertising grabs your consumer's attention, but won't land you in hot water. We understand the Food Standards Code, Fair Trading Act, and Advertising Standards and know what catches the eye of consumer groups and media. We look at the whole approach.


Concepts & Innovation
Keeping one step ahead

In the busy day-to-day it's hard to keep in mind the big picture and a future focus. But to perform well next year and five years on, you need a few plans in place. Thinking ahead is what we do and we're not afraid of challenge or change. Looking at your business today, we can work with you on strategies for new products, markets, or communication platforms, and a plan to tackle any hurdles. Strong business tomorrow begins today.


Insights & Trends
Understanding consumers, today and tomorrow

Five years ago had you heard the term Emoji? Did your meals arrive each Sunday with a stash of recipe cards? What and how we eat is constantly changing, and more and more people are striving for better health. We keep abreast of what's happening all over the world, understanding what drive us to make the choices we do. We analyse failures as much as we do success. We identify and present the key trends that relate specifically to your business.


Training & Media
Upskill your team and manage issues

Always keep learning. It keeps you young. Upskill your team with workshops we can tailor to your business on nutrition science, consumer health, cooking and food trends, and advertising do's and don'ts. When you don't get it right the first time - it costs. When you do have a challenge on your hands we can help you manage media or consumer queries. For health professionals we can help you make your words count and get your message out in a way your audience will understand.


Facilitation & Engagement
Connect to the right people

When you have a particular message, or need some common ground, there can be many parties to bring to the table. With our extensive networks and relationships we can help identify the key stakeholders and develop a positive way forward. We can facilitate discussions and nut through tough issues. When you need a specific approach to influencers, industry or health professionals, community organisations or government agencies, we can help.


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