Our expertise is food - Our goal is your success

Let's talk about food - and let's get it right


Our expertise is food - Our goal is your success

We are a specialist consultancy channelling our love for food and wellbeing to better connect your business or organisation to consumers.

Supporting local start-ups and global brands, we integrate sound nutrition with clear communication into food and beverage business, and health organisations. We understand consumers, marketing, regulations, media and nutrition science and are here to link it all together. We work with your business, your partners and your agencies. If you need just a little advice, or ongoing expertise of an in-house food loving nutritionist, we can help.


For your products

- Nutrition and health claims

- Recipe development and nutrient analysis

- Sensory guidance

- New opportunities: ingredients and products


For your brands

• Engagement - with stakeholders and consumers

• Insights - consumers, health trends and policies

• Innovation and new opportunities: markets and consumer groups

• Resources, campaigns and events


For your people

• Facilitation

• Day to day support as your in-house nutritionist

• Training - our workshops include:

- Nutrition for marketers & advertisers

- Health issues and the role of diet

- Marketing & Advertising do's and don'ts

- New foods: successes & failures & why

- Communication for health professionals

What’s not to love about good food? Producing it, preparing it, presenting it and enjoying it with family and friends.
— Julie North, owner Foodcom