Deepti Shivandhana

As a young newly graduated Dietitian, Deepti made a brave but exciting decision to move out of the big smoke of Auckland and venture to Nelson. She claims it was a job that brought her south, but we think it was the lure of cheese rolls and being able to call herself a Mainlander that really did it.

Deepti takes great pride in working with people throughout the Tasman region in her role with Primary Healthcare. She uses her clinical knowledge to provide specific advice to every individual aiming to improve health, whatever their need. 

As a healthcare professional on the front line, Deepti appreciates effective resources. Especially those carefully designed with a clear message and information consumers can use to navigate the supermarket and make better food choices.

She keeps abreast of food trends, and is not shy of trying out new recipes in our favourite magazines then making us all hungry with her insta shots of the results!

Deepti’s favourite food destination: Japan
Deepti dreams of: being paid to travel and eat.

Patrick Connor